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You're purchasing a physical CD that comes with an immediate download of a compressed universal ZIP file that contains all 14 tracks in MP3 (bit rate 320) format. Total size 128.5 MB

Within a few minutes of your purchase you'll receive an EMAIL with a download code for the album. NOTE: Be sure to check if its your correct email when you login to Paypal after clicking checkout! Some people have their old email setup.

Please wait for download to fully download before opening otherwise it can be corrupt.

This purchase is for one owner only to have the album in both digital and CD format. Please honor this purchase by NOT distributing either of them to multiple owners, thanks.

Track Listing:
1 Hold My Hand
2 By the Water
3 Please Let Me Be
4 How to Fly
5 Learn to Love
6 Seasons
7 Fireflies
8 Cross the Oceans
9 Time After Time
10 Trust
11 Pages
12 You’re Mine
13 Slowly
14 Someone (Acoustic Version)

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